Wedding Dress Trends – Ball Gowns to Sleek Dresses – How to Choose

After a long wait, you have finally found the man of your dreams and the day is not far when you will be walking down the aisle on the road to eternal marriage bliss. No matter where or when you are getting married, it is imperative that you choose the right dress, one that actually mirrors your style.

Gone were the days when brides used to adhere to the traditional and steadfast rules for their wedding dresses, today wedding dresses are supposed to reflect the bride’s personality and vision. The single rule that applies to wedding dresses today is choosing something that suits you.

Whether your idea of a wedding dress is something fairy-like such as a ball gown or something sexy, you just need to make sure that it goes with the recent wedding dress trends and you are all set to go. After all, you do not want to be perceived as old fashioned or not keeping pace with times. While women fully realize the importance of looking beautiful always, on one’s wedding day, a bride can actually accentuate the charm and liven up the magic with the appropriate attire.

Bridal fashion today, more or less, looks up to mainstream fashion. So, if you are looking for something contemporary then the catwalks are where you need to turn to in order to leave your inspiration unbridled.

The million dollar question is how to choose a fashion-forward wedding ensemble that transforms a plain Jane into a dazzling diva inspiring awe. Some quick tips and tricks to help you choose an appropriate wedding dress complying with the latest trends are as follows:

Tempt With Tiered Skirts
A recent trend for wedding dresses is going for those multi-tiered skirts. Quite recently, it is believed that layers of fabric of organza and chiffon are what you need to get the limelight. These skirts are often coupled with satin bodice with intricate bead work and it is all you need to steal the show on your big day.

The Feminine Finesse
Feminine details are the little things that can make a big difference. Make sure your wedding ensemble is appropriately adorned with all those ribbons, flowers and ruffles that can bring out the beauty lurking within, taking femininity to new heights. Those who have always imagined themselves as sporting a vintage look should keep these embellishments in mind.

Cause a Stir with Ball Gowns
For women who have always appreciated the volume that a dress has to offer, ball gown is the choice. Ball gowns are meant to give the bride an ethereal look to sweep the guests and the groom off their feet. Ball gowns used today have a very soft layering and the bodices are meant to show off all those womanly curves. For those who want to achieve the perfect balance between style and sophistication, a ball gown will be ideal.

Stun With Sexy and Sleek Cuts
If you want to break away from the more usual and conventional wedding attires, the sleek and sexy style will be a just perfect for you. This style offers just about enough glamour to take breaths away. These wedding dresses are usually done in softer fabrics and are a big YES for the toned and shapely bodies.

Flaunt With Fish Tails
The dresses are aptly named as they have the shape of a fish and hug the contours of the bride’s body in just the right places. Fish tails are characterized by a fitted bodice with the dramatic flare at the bottom. For fuller figures or wide hips, fish tails a big NO.

In short, with so many options available, any bride can now incorporate her personal style into a wedding dress. Just makes sure you achieve a compromise between your sense of fashion and recent wedding dress trends. Whether it is a ball gown you fancy or a fish tail you desire, you can get everything to set the grounds on fire and your wedding, a day to remember.