Stylish Soap Wedding & Bridal Shower Favor Ideas

If you’re on a budget but still want to give your wedding or bridal shower guests a trendy and stylish thank you gift without breaking your wallet, consider giving them a beautifully packaged soap favor. Soap favors are inexpensive, will add just the right amount of style to your tables and will be the perfect compliment to your guests’ bathrooms or powder rooms. Soaps come in a variety of colors, themes and packaging options to suit your taste splendidly.

For 2009, there are many soaps which have been marketed to suit the current themes and trends. We can recommend with certainty that these following favor ideas will impress even your pickiest guest on your list.

1) Damask Themed Soaps – Damask is a very popular trend this year. It reminds us of vintage wallpapers, baroque style and all things Parisian. It brings forth a certain upscale elegance to any event it touches. For damask inspired soap favors we would recommend “Sweetheart Heart Shaped Soap” or the “Hugs and Kisses from the Mr. & Mrs.” XO soaps. Both come in black and white damask patterns and are extremely pretty in hand.

2) Vines & Floral Patterns – Stylish vines, scrolls and hip floral patterns are all the rage – they can be seen on invitations to place cards and everything in between. The vine patterns became popular as letterpress invitations became trendy last year. For an elegant soap favor in this pattern, try the bestselling “For You” Scented Heart Shaped Soap in Silver and White floral box.

3) Love Birds Theme – Aww, look at the love birds! People may have called you that and it suits you two to a tee. Why not celebrate your love bird status with bird inspired soaps as your bridal shower favors? Whether you go with the adorable “Owl Always Love You” Soaps or the popular “Love Nest” Bird Egg Soaps, these will suit your theme marvelously.

4) Seasonal Soap Favors – If you’re having a spring wedding, celebrate it with tulip flower soaps in a pretty pot. If you’re getting married on the beach or are having a summer shower, why not use the “Ocean Breezes” Seashell Soaps? Fall and Autumn weddings -there are “Fall In Love” Leaf shaped soaps just for you! For winter events, there are even dazzling peppermint snowflake soaps to commemorate your day.

5) Eco-friendly Favors – While there are all natural soaps, you may cringe at the overuse of paper packaging which will only be tossed away. How about a favor which reflects your love of nature, such as all natural lavender filled sachets in ivory muslin? These will add a beautiful sent to your event. Your guests will also gain great use out of them by placing them in their bathrooms, dresser drawers or closets.