Couture Details For Your Wedding

One of the best ways to make your wedding more fabulous is to include beautiful couture details. These special touches do not need to be limited to the bride’s gown; there are all sorts of places that you can use them throughout your wedding. Read on for some tips on how to enhance your wedding with these exquisite couture elements.

Naturally for a couture inspired wedding, the bridal attire is the place to begin. Look for a gown that is well crafted, with unique or special details. These can include accents such as intricate embroidery, crisp pleating, hundreds of dainty pearl buttons, or origami-like folding. Whatever details or design elements make your gown stand out, replicate them throughout the rest of the wedding.

Invitations are a wonderful part of your wedding to decorate in a couture style. You will want to use a fine printing process, either engraving or letterpress, for the most elegant effect. One great effect would be to create a design that is inspired by a special piece of lace or an embroidered pattern. It can be printed in a soft color underneath your wedding information in a deeper tone.

The wedding cake is one of the most popular things to decorate with couture details. Brides love the idea of a cake that ties in with their wedding dresses. Select your favorite part about your gown, and ask your baker to design the cake around it. For instance, if your gown has rows of tiny bows down the train, your cake could have matching bows adorning the base of each layer. Perhaps your gown has spectacular pearl beadwork on the bodice; not only will you want to wear pearl bridal jewelry to coordinate, but your cake can as well. The pearl beadwork from the gown can be mimicked on the cake, or you can choose a fancy monogrammed cake topper that looks as ornate as a piece of bridal jewelry atop the cake.

Think about how you can bring couture details into the rest of your reception design. Let’s say that your gown has impressive rows of ruffles down one side. Why not carry that detail into your table linens, with unique ruffled tablecloths? You can also choose an impressive ruffled wrap for the handle of your bouquet. These little touches will add up to a very stylish wedding.

Not all of your couture accents must be drawn from your wedding gown. You can choose any design that has that fabulous high fashion feeling. Your centerpieces are one of the best parts of your wedding to try your hand at a stylish and impressive design. When you work with your florist, the words to use are “stylish, chic, trend-setting, and exclusive”. You want the kind of centerpieces that are destined to become a top pick on the Knot! Elements such as abundant flowers, Swarovski crystals, branches, feathers, and stunning vessels are the things that will help you to achieve the desired result.

With a bit of creativity, you can plan a wedding that is chic, elegant, and memorable. Special couture details will give your wedding a cohesive design, while also helping to set it apart from the pack. The end result will be nothing short of fabulous!