Contemporary Wedding Favors

The wedding favor industry is big business these days and the range of wedding favors on offer has never been so great. I can remember when the only options available where candy coated chocolate hearts and almonds. For the modern bride the choice is overwhelming and the types of favors become every more contemporary and stylish.

Contemporary wedding favors for the most part can hold their own without the need for additional expensive packaging. This can help greatly towards keeping the favor budget down particularly as by the time brides get to purchasing their favors, they may well need to claw back some money wherever they can! So what kind of contemporary favors can you expect to find:

Chrome bottle stoppers and matching bottle openers are everywhere and it is possible to find one to suit just about any style or theme of wedding. They are very stylish and practical too, so wedding guests usually welcome them as a gift.

Drinks coasters may seem like an unusual wedding favor, but stylish etched glass versions and eco-friendly bamboo coasters are a popular choice. Boxed sets of four make for a seemingly extravagant favor but at a budget price!

Miniature photograph frames where once only used to display the place cards on the reception tables, but these days they have a dual role in becoming wedding favors as well. Look out for well made and quality frames, as cheap versions could give your guests the wrong impression.

Candles are a very traditional wedding favor, but finding candles in unusual shapes or even scents makes for a favor with contemporary style. If funky candles elude you then use votives and find some gorgeous holders instead. Boxed sets of tea lights or floating candles are a nice alternative or look out for candles in stylish glass jars with personalized labels.

Custom cookies and mini cakes or cupcakes have become very popular, mainly for their versatility in being designed to suit any wedding style or theme. Make your own or have them professionally made – if your budget will allow; these are favors which give the wow factor no matter how many times you have seen them before! Cupcakes or mini cakes also give you the option of combining your wedding cake and favors in one, which can save you lots of money. Consider displaying them on a large stand or presenting them in clear Perspex boxes to showcase them perfectly!