High Style Wedding Inspiration

If you love fashion, glamor, and high style, then your wedding is the perfect time to have fun indulging your glamorous side! There are some easy ways to achieve a very stylish look for your wedding, especially when it comes to your bridal ensemble. This is some fun inspiration for a high style wedding.

A high style wedding is all about elegance and fashion. A perfect place to begin is with your bridal gown. After all, nothing sets the tone at a wedding more than the bride! Look for chic gowns with slim lines. A retro inspired silk charmeuse slip dress would be the height of elegance. Pair it with stacks of cultured pearl bridal bracelets for a fabulous Coco Chanel look.

Another great style for a wedding gown is one with fine haute couture type details (even if your dress is not custom made). Some of the most current trends in the world of fashion include one shoulder gowns, oversized fabric flowers with raw edges, and ruffles. These details are done in a manner that is very feminine, and yet not at all precious or old fashioned. When your dress has bold accents, it is wise to choose your accessories carefully. A long plain veil will not distract from any of the ornaments on the bridal gown, and if you are wearing a one shoulder gown, go for a dramatic set of cultured pearl bridal earrings and bracelets instead of a necklace.

The most stylish look for bridal hair these days is slightly touseled. You may spend hours in the salon to achieve the perfect messy updo, but it should look as though you swept your hair back yourself and tucked it up with a few pins before blithely gliding down the aisle. A wavy soft bun is the perfect complement to a dress with raw edged feminine details. If your gown is more of a 1930s glamor style, choose a more sleek wave for your hair.

Nothing says high style quite like a confident red lipstick. Choose one that has great staying power and pair it with a fresh and clean face. A few coats of mascara and very neutral blush and eyeshadow will prevent the red lipstick from being too bold. (A face that is uniformly made up with strong colors ends up looking garish, like something an aging soap opera star would wear.) Remember that a bride should always err on the side of being fresh and understated over being too contrived or overdone.

As to the wedding itself, the perfect high fashion reception would have to be a cocktail party in the evening. How debonair the gentlemen will look in their dark suits or tuxedos, escorting ladies dressed to the nines. Serve classic cocktails like martinis, along with elegant little appetizers. Choose a really fabulous and chic location for your reception, such as a city loft or a hip art gallery. And don’t forget that a live band is always more stylish than a d.j.

A high style wedding is perfect for a bride who adores all things fashionable and chic. It can be the epitome of sophistication and elegance, as well as an evening that you and your guests will never forget.

The Best Wedding Color Themes for a Stylish, Flawless Wedding Ceremony And Reception

There are a few things which should be considered a top priority when it comes to organizing a stylish, over-the-top wedding, like choosing the location, the decor and the wedding color themes. This last element is particularly important, due to its tremendous visual impact. The color theme should blend effortlessly with all your decorative elements, creating a coherent whole. Of course, you simply adore warm, delicate pastel colors, but you are also inexplicably attracted to those crazy, vibrant shades. So you might have a lot of questions on your mind right now like: How could I pick the right color palette on my own? Should I count on expert advice ensured by a professional wedding decorator? Which elements should I take into consideration before making a decision? Use the tips and tricks provided below to organize the perfect wedding ceremony and reception, while reaching an ideal chromatic balance.

1. Opt for one color scheme and make sure you integrate your favor color in it

Depending on your budget, tastes, expectations and wedding location, you could opt for a simple or a more complex color scheme. Integrate your favorite color in it and then use different tones to make the decor more appealing (sticking to just one color could make your guests consider it dull and monotone). So once you have determined the right shades, now’s the time to order your flower arrangements, wedding invitations, bridesmaids’ dresses, ribbons, cake and all your decorations based on your wedding color theme.

2. Moderation and tastefulness- the key to a classy wedding ceremony and reception

Your wedding day is your chance to shine and to reveal your excellent sense of style. Your decorations and your wedding color themes must be simple and tasteful. Don’t try to impress by investing a lot of money in flower arrangements, ribbons and other décor elements painted in extravagant colors. Also, don’t try to mix and match different colors which have absolutely nothing in common. If you were to follow this approach (especially without consulting a professional decorator) the final result would be disastrous! Keep it simple. A few colorful details are enough to create a stylish ambiance; you don’t need to blend hundreds of shades to obtain something truly beautiful and eye-catchy. Remember that this is not a coloring competition; it is your wedding preparation process.

3. Take potential impediments and limitations into consideration

As a future bride, you definitely have a lot of ideas. You want to express your creativity and your outgoing personality by selecting some of the rarest, most spectacular wedding color themes. Be careful though, you might have to comply with certain rules which will significantly reduce your enthusiasm and your desire to blend colors as you please. For instance, more than a few churches won’t accept out of the ordinary color pallets. In this particular situation, the best option is to choose two different wedding color themes, a softer one for the wedding ceremony, and the one that your heart desires for the wedding reception, to avoid unpleasant situations.

Also, before selecting the ideal shades make sure you visit the wedding location at least once. Some sites may be decorated in a certain manner which doesn’t grant you a significant creative freedom. In this case, make sure the shades included in your wedding color theme are complementary to the main colors of the site. Analyze all the details (paintings, walls, furniture, decorative elements, ceiling and curtains) to be able to reach an optimal chromatic balance. Your wedding color theme and your wedding decorations should send a positive message, expressing your excitement and all your other powerful emotions, but keep it simple; otherwise these important elements will be considered a mere distraction or a tacky, failed attempt to bring out your inner stylist

2015 Is the Year of the Stylish Wedding

The wonderful part about today’s wedding is that they are no longer required to be the cookie-cutter weddings of the past. Now today’s brides and grooms are allowed to personalize their weddings which means that nothing is out of reach for someone with the deepest of wallets and the most vibrant of imaginations.

However, some trends have appeared at some stylish weddings and they are projected to continue through 2015. What follows are a few great trends which have been seen at weddings from the East Coast to the West Coast and everything in between.

It should make brides and grooms everywhere happy to know that romance is back in a very big way. From lace accents on wedding invitations (another big trend) to big, rosy bouquets, this wedding look has come out swinging. One of the most romantic accents that newlyweds have used at their receptions is lighting.

Lighting sets the mood and couples that want to be romantic turn down the lights and let the candles do the work. Candelabras, votives and floating centerpieces all manage to inject love and sweeping romance into every wedding reception.

Remember how it was mentioned that lace accents were a perfect accompaniment to a romantic wedding? Well another trendy wedding invitation look is all about the gold, or more specifically the rose gold. Rose gold has been a big trend in wedding jewelry and the beautiful metallic has managed to cross over to wedding invitations.

Yet for the biggest trends in weddings, one needs to look no further than the food. Culinary trends have exploded in the past year with too many to list here, yet too many to omit. So, foodies may just be having the best year yet at weddings.

Now, everyone knows that cakes have their own trends, but more and more brides and grooms are ditching the cakes in favor of other pastries. Macaron towers are especially popular with newlyweds because they taste good and are showstoppers. Others elect to go the Parisian route and have their cake made out of crepes.

Crepe cakes are very popular in the South and guests have loved them for a long time. Bakers favor this trend because the preparation and decoration is much easier than on a traditional, multi-tiered wedding cake.

Couples that are having trendy rustic weddings tend to forego cakes altogether and instead have pies on hand. Think about it, how many people don’t like pies? Apple, sweet potato, blackberry and peach pies are among the most popular pie flavors at weddings. Then, add a drop of homemade ice cream on top and watch guests eat it up.

Couples can’t subsist on cakes alone at their weddings which is why many are inviting the trendiest of dining options, food trucks to their weddings. Food trucks are a trend that is more popular on the West Coast, but more and more brides and grooms are hiring them for their weddings.

Even in places outside of California, Washington and Oregon people are finding ways to incorporate mobile food vendors at their weddings. Cotton candy carts are gaining popularity and so are New Orleans sno-balls. Yet, sometimes people just want a bit of relaxation.

For those couples, it is comfort food all the way. Basically anything one would find on a Southerner’s kitchen table on a Sunday is acceptable. However, instead of super-sized portions, these couples are shrinking the portions down and offering miniature versions of the dishes.Thus, their guests get the comfort food without the guilt.

Weddings have long been stylish affairs, but it wasn’t until recently that couples were allowed to showcase their unique sense of style and start their own trends. Now, food and romance revolutions are appearing at weddings all over the country, and brides, grooms and their guests are rejoicing.

Wedding Favors For Her!

Whilst many couples will choose wedding favors that are unisex, there are those that like to choose favors on a “his & hers” basis.

Choosing wedding favors for your female guests is a lot easier than choosing them for your male guests. It would seem that the majority of favor ranges were designed with women in mind. But if you would like some inspiration then here are a few ideas.

Candles are synonymous with weddings and you can purchase in just about any shape, color and scent you like. Giving votive or tea light candles with a stylish holder needn’t break the budget and makes for an attractive and stylish favor.

Smelly Things!
This includes things like bath bombs, soaps, bubble bath, lotions, potions and powders! Why not buy a big bottle of your favorite bubble bath and decant it into small bottles for each of your female guests.

If your budget allows then make up a small goody bag or basket containing a selection of bath time goodies.

Something edible will always go down well and whilst there is a whole host of edibles suitable for either sex, you can look for those that can be customized for your girly guests.

Why not choose custom cookies shaped and iced like shoes, flowers, hearts, bodices or diamonds! You could also do the same for mini cakes.

Why not give a box of luxury chocolates? Or girly candies. Cocktail mixes presented in a stylish cocktail glass are another good idea and you could add a tag stipulating that they can only be drunk when you are all together! A good excuse for a girly night!

Practical Items
Wedding favor stores have a neat range of practical items that many girls would appreciate. Look for things like lipstick holders, mini tape measures, mini notebooks and pens, or compacts.

Be ultra practical and give kitchen items such as mini timers, measuring spoon sets, egg rings, salt and pepper pots and ice cream scoops.

Decorative Favors
Possibly the most popular and abundant within wedding favor ranges. Choose large paperweights shaped like diamonds or diamond rings.

Stylish photograph frames or mini photograph albums. Glass coasters or wine glass charms. Small bud vases or candle holders and even trinket boxes.

Wedding favors for the girls are probably easier to find than those for the boys! The biggest problem will be choosing the right ones! It is a good idea to think about what you would like to receive and what you would find the most useful. If you can’t decide on one favor for all then pick a selection. As most wedding favors are all within the same price range it shouldn’t cost you any more to choose a range of gifts instead of just one item. Quantity discounts are often available on total spend rather than on just one particular item so it is also worth checking out the wholesale stores as well.

Discover Why Women Simply Love To Wear Stylish Wedding Shoes

Women want to look different from others on occasions especially in a wedding and they used stylish shoes of attractive color, sometimes they wear shoes that did not provide them comfort instead killing their feet due to painful shoes. So the ideal wedding shoes are made in a way that their feet feel comfort.

The season for the comfortable shoes is when they choose the darling round pair of shoes for their own wedding provide them incredible comfort and stylish look which is very as famous in the fashion flied which the Pointy toe does not provide.

There are many fabulous shoes designs available other than white flat bridal shoes designers which are different from white. Bride wearing silver embroidered gown and precious stone bridal jewelry

If you cannot notice yourself walking down the passageway with shoe having no heel then you obtain good benefit from the platform heels sneak a look toe styling which are incredible for dancing at night in a party as well.

A pair of kitten heel footwear is right choice for the bride who likes flimsy shoes. Shoes having band provide comfort able support when step out.

Kitten heel shoes are made fantastic as design in strappy sandal look. Soft color work well than standard or you may say ivory white whereas as silver, bust would be elegant and ideal for bride wearing gown and will be used after wedding with casual dressing as well.

When your feet will absolutely engorge because of standing up in your wedding ceremony activities, so the bride having thin tall heel will shop in near future for their large feet which is also comfortable.

It is a mistake to wear a little large shoe because when the wedding ceremony ends your toe will feel dreadful pain. This is mainly due to pad added in the large size shoe.

Mix and Match to Make Your Wedding Stylish and Affordable

We all know that celebrities are often seen shopping in vintage shops, at market stalls and department stores. Then they show up and look stunning, mixing and matching cheap pieces with super exclusive (and expensive) ones. Think about Carrie in Sex and the City and how stylish she can be! She made of the mix-and-matching game a status symbol.

Although they usually wear the coolest and the best adding only few accents from down-to-earth shops, we can do the same both for us and our events, reversing it, and getting a perfect look.

Your entire wedding can be a mix-n’-match wonder.

The style is priceless, because no money could buy it. This is an old saying and it’s real. I’ve seen brides with the most expensive dresses looking “nice” and others with much more affordable ones looking “stunning”. So how do you make it? Where’s the trick?

Let’s start from the beginning: mixing n’ matching is working better for certain kind of wedding themes: vintage, countryside and contemporary. So try to stick to one of these, and avoid putting yourself into a no winning game, for example trying to get an opulent ballroom wedding if you are on a budget. That kind of event is a “show off” due to its own nature and it will require items that are not only expensive, but sometimes are not even available in stores because exclusively rented by vendors.

Invitations: this is actually where saving money is more complicated, because high quality paper costs. But if you go for a plain invitation, then you can customize it. Adding herbs, a shell or another creative accent could be the way to have your unique stationery. Another option could be…thinking outside the box. Once, for a wedding, we found several tiny books, vintage, at a thrift store; we purchased them for a cheap bulk price and sent them as invitations with little customization. I’m sure most of the guests are still having them as keepsakes!

You dress: it’s pretty easy; there are so many options out there! The first secret of being stunning even with a “regular” dress is to choose a style that works with your body shape. Look at you in the mirror and, I know it’s hard, but try to be a good judge of yourself. Which are you defects and which are the best parts of you? Once you’ll have this clear in mind, it will be easier to find the perfect dress. And it’s not the most expensive one…not a single guest will probably touch the fabric or look carefully at the embellishments, so the good dress will be the one that will fit you like a glove. Then be creative. White shoes are expected… and if you don’t have budget for Manolos, dare, go to vintage stores, try something colored, blue, red, yellow…the choice is yours. The originality of the shoes will blow you away when you’ll see yourself in the pictures. For your hair…the new trend is to have less complicated hairdos, and this is saving money on the hairdresser. Adorn yourself with a handmade, original piece from Etsy store. Thousand of affordable choices are there ready be picked. And you will have a unique piece, precious because it was made with patience and love.

Flowers are another way to be creative saving money. Again, I’ve seen expensive flowers arranged in “so-and-so” compositions and fillers such as baby breath becoming eye-catching focal points. Work carefully with your florist. Try to make something that looks good, full include cheap but creative touches such as fruit, herbs, and shells. Don’t spend too much choosing what you think would be nice because it’s an expensive flower, if you can’t afford it. You’ll have smaller numbers, it will be more complicated and, trust me, your guests will never imagine the price. They are usually amazed by the results only. Vases…try something different: teapots, mason jars, tea cups, and tiny clear glasses. They mustbe mixed and matched to get the vintage look, you can use them to create different arrangements with a cohesive look, and with simple garden flowers you could obtain a professional result.

Linens: stick on classic white, cream or ivory. Any catering can provide those linens to you, sometimes even included in the cost. They are classic and elegant, only choose cotton or natural fabrics for a mat effect, otherwise it would really look cheap.

Catering: don’t compromise on the quality of food, but choose a different service. Seated dinners are more expensive, try buffet with live stations for instance. Offer several varieties and different kind of wines. In case, serve less free alcohol after dinner. The cake is important, but if you don’t want to spend too much, instead of the classic tiered cake with a miserable appearance due to budget constraints, thinks outside the box. A sheet cake covered with fresh fruit could be nice and it’s less expensive because less work is involved. Cupcakes are another good option.

Photography is like your famous-brand bag. No compromises. The wedding day will fly away and you will have only your memories and tangible pictures. If you can’t afford videography, it’s not that important. But images will tell your story again and again, to you children, and to your grandchildren too. Your photographer must be a good professional and you should expect to pay him an adequate fee.

Play your game, become a wise and stylish bride. Save where you can, dare if you want on certain items; celebrate your love and make your wedding a statement of your style.

Give Your Wedding a Sense of Style – Stylish Wedding Decoration Ideas to Wow Your Wedding Guests

A wedding celebration is one of the most highly anticipated events of a lifetime. The couple is usually overly stressed with all the preparations of the wedding day because they know that the wedding celebration is not only theirs to enjoy but will be witnessed by all of their closest friends and relatives. Trying to make your wedding stylish without flopping on it’s face is an even greater challenge.

Thinking about the wedding like that gives you a general idea about how pressing the need is to have a carefully planned wedding celebration. Many couples go to the point of seeking fresh and innovative ideas from the experts for their wedding decoration, quick tips on how to better create a wonderfully designed cake and and even most the perfect motif for the wedding based on the month and year of the celebration.

Some stylish wedding decoration ideas that one can use to wow the guests are listed below:

a. Be bold with your ideas. The wedding decorations on both the church and banquet hall are practically what wedding guests and spectators initially take notice of. This is what you have to put in mind and in doing so, you will realize that you need to make a bolder statements to make it memorable.

b. Make things simple and well coordinated. Since wedding celebrations should focus on the people who are getting married, the wedding decoration should only be for the purpose of backdrop. Decorations should never in any way be overly emphasized that it becomes the center of attention. As much as possible, make it simple but keep it elegant and still eye catching.

c. Create an air of love and union with your decoration. Most of the time, wedding decorations are focused at how well coordinated the color motif bypassing the need to show love and unity in the wedding decoration theme. It is best if you can combine all these elements in a wedding decoration in order to capture more attention from your wedding guests and spectators.

There are still so many things to consider when choosing the best idea for your wedding in order to make it chic and stylish without the need to overdo things. All you need to think about is to make sure that you keep it simple yet elegant; minimal but grand.

The grand effect of having a carefully thought of theme that can surely wow and dazzle your guests.

Create Your Wedding Invitation With a Correct Attitude

There are some couples who think that the wedding invitation is not an important part in the wedding. However, the fact is that it is one of the most important parts in the wedding. Yes it is very true that the cost of wedding cards will not be a lot if you compare it with the prices of wedding photography and wedding dresses. Yet it does not necessarily mean that the cards are not important.

As you may know, the wedding invitations will set the tone of your wedding. Your guests will know your wedding theme from the invitations. To this end the cards will be very important. And as a result you should never think that the wedding invitations are something less important in your wedding.

In fact, a common question couples will ask is when they should start sending the invitations. There is no definite answer to this question. Generally, couples will send the cards at least two months before the wedding. If your guests need to arrange things such as flights in order to attend your wedding, you may even need to send the invitation half year before your big day. You will need to consider your own situation in order to know when you should send the invitation cards. Besides, you may also send a save the date card a year before your wedding if you are going to host a destination wedding. This is because your guests will need to arrange a lot of things in order to attend your destination wedding.

The next question you may ask here is how you can make your invitation to reflect your wedding theme. As a matter of fact, they should at the same time reflect your personality and the theme. It can be just a matter of preference since there is no rule of thumb to deal with this issue. However, you will probably go for a more formal wedding card if you are going to have a traditional wedding ceremony and reception. On the contrary, you will not make your cards formal if you are going to host an informal event. You may need to work with a graphic designer in order to get the most perfect wedding invitation to this end.

You may want to make your wedding stylish. And you should also want to make your wedding invitation stylish. Interestingly, there are more people who go for the option of creating a black color invitation these days. In the past it was quiet impossible for a couple to choose such kind of design. As a matter of fact, a black color invitation can be very stylish and at the same time fashionable. Another way to make your wedding card more stylish and interesting is to make your invitation three dimensional. Of course the cost of the invitations may probably be more expensive if you go for such options.

No matter what kind of wedding cards you are going to choose, one thing you need to always remember is that they are something very important in your wedding. And you should never overlook this item when you are planning for your big day.

Why The Love For Wedding Rings?

People from different parts of the world have a love for wedding rings. The ring has become the one item that unites people from different backgrounds and religions. It is more like the uniform that brings together different tribes and religions. This is because these bands hold the same symbol of unity, love and commitment across the board. They serve as constant reminders of the vows made on the wedding day making it easier for couples to remain committed and working hard to nurture and nourish their relationship. Besides this very deep meaning of the wedding rings, there are other reasons why people love them.

They are stylish

Wedding rings are no longer limited to certain materials and designs. You can now find them in huge varieties of metals, stones and designs making them very stylish. You can choose a ring that makes you stand out even with the everyday wearing thanks to the options. Apart from sticking to the circular nature, you can now even have yours shaped to make it more unique and personal. If you are not into the traditional simplicity of the wedding bands, you can still retain the band meaning but make your band as stylish as you want. Fashion lovers simply love this about modern wedding rings.

They make personal statements

You can have your personality molded into the wedding ring. The freedom to choose which gemstones and metals that are used on the ring makes it all possible. Your band can speak volumes about your personality, making it easier for people to relate with you. You can actually be judged by the wedding ring that you wear and be classed in the same manner. For instance, gold and diamonds are believed to be for the rich high lifestyle individuals while silver is for the middle class.

They hold family values

This is of course one of the major functions of a metal bands designed for your wedding. People have their behaviors and talks evaluated in terms of family values. Wearing your wedding ring therefore can play a role in how people look at you and the respect they have for you. You are expected to be very mature and reasonable if you are wearing a ring compared to if you are not wearing any ring. Wearing it therefore keeps you in check and reminds you of what is expected of you.

They are a treasure

There is no single person who does not love to be loved and want to be wanted. Wearing your bands goes to prove this point and make many people fit into the society. Women light up upon receiving engagement rings and will flaunt them to their friends and family. Receiving a ring in the end completes them and makes them more acceptable and respected in the society making the rings a treasure for many. Truth is you can earn plenty of respect in different settings when wearing your wedding ring.

Wedding Favors With a Tropical Style

If you are having a destination or beach side wedding then you may be considering giving your wedding a tropical theme. Certainly, even if you do not theme your entire wedding Tropicana style, you could add a little tropical flavor to your wedding favors.

Here are a few suggestions for stylish yet fun tropical inspired favors:

Check out favor stores for some palm tree shaped boxes into which you could place candies, chocolates, almonds, mints etc. When looking for your contents try to theme them with a tropical style as well, such as seashell shaped chocolates, flower shaped candies and brightly colored candy coated almonds or mints.

Custom cookies are all the rage at the moment and are perfect for designing to a tropical theme. Try shapes such as palm trees, flamingo’s, sunglasses, and sun hats.

Double up your wedding favors with your place card holders and look for stylish chrome plated name card holders in the shape of pineapples, seashells, crabs and anything else beach/tropical related. A nice idea can be to mix and match them particularly if you have a large number of couples amongst your guests. They then get two stylish holders in different designs.

If your budget is tight then coordinate your favor packaging tropical style instead. Add stylish paper or silk flowers such as hibiscus, lilies or orchids to the top of your favor boxes. If you prefer something rather more simple then create some tags with tropical inspired graphics instead.

If your budget is larger then you could treat your guests to sun hats, flip-flops, parasols and hand held fans. These are the types of favors that will undoubtedly be used again and your guests will appreciate having something to help keep the sun off and keep them cool as the day goes on.

Along the same lines, but rather less expensive are bottles of water or even sun cream with customized labels. Many of the larger favor stores offer these and you can have a choice of label designs to personalize.

And, for those with a celebrity style budget, why not go all out and create goody bags for your wedding favors. Fill them with things such as sun hats, sun cream, a bottle of water and some edible treats. Present them in stylish cloth tote bags which you can have printed with your wedding date and your names.